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Jun 2013: Ισολογισμός έτους 2012

 Record Tonnage to Tbilisi Georgia via Pegacus Cargo
Dec 2011: Freight Plus who is the GSSA for Leisure cargo, exclusive GSSA of Pegasus Airways, has posted a record tonnage of +150 tons to TBS ex ATH, with its principal carrier Pegasus (PC). Pegasus flies 2 x week ex ATH for the winter schedule and 3 x week for the summer schedule. The carrier operates with a fleet of A319, A320 and B738 for the summer.

 First Annual Xmas Event of Greek Producers
Dec 2011: Freight Plus S.A was proud to organize the first Greek Producers night at the “Braimnioti “ Estate in Vari-Attica region. The event took place on a Saturday night, having +200 guests and +10 exhibitors of Greek Wines, Dairy Products, Olive Oil & Olives, Greek Coffee and Organic Beer. The producers were attending from all over Greece, naming a few regions, Norhern Greece, Crete, Central Greece, Peloponese Peninsula…etc.
The night was a huge success, as many of the guest were very pleased by the variety of products exhibited, as well as the wine tasting that took place, with the presence of one of Greece’s top wine experts, who presented the vineyards.
Freight Plus MD Mr. Yiannis Lentzakis, who is a wine enthusiast, wanted to promote Greek products by giving the opportunity to all of the guests, taste and get to know top Greek products and wines , during these “tough” times that Greece is experiencing and promoting the consumption of Greek products than imported ones.
Our aim is to host such an event annually and will do so, as Greece is one of the oldest and most pure producing Countries of agricultural products and alcohol -liquors ( wine,beer,ouzo) and we are investing in the export mentality of all the attendees-exhibitors via our international network.

 Freight Plus uplifts 27 tons of fruits to Larnaca-Cyprus
July 2011: Freight Plus via its cooperation with NAS Ltd, carried 27 tons of fresh fruits from Greek producers to Cyprus, Larnaka airport for a major fruit importer. This marks a new era between Greece-Cyprus airfreight exports , as in the past there were few air exports of fresh fruits and vegetables between the 2 countries and now , NAS through its daily freighter operation , “gives” a significant advantage to the exporting market of fresh produce of Greece.

 Freight Plus re-elected BOD member for Hellenic GSA Association
July 2011: Freight Plus and its Managing Director, Mr.Yiannis Lentzakis has been re-elected through the recent BOD elections at the Hellenic Airline Representative Association (HAR),, which took place at 07/13 in Athens. Mr Yiannis Lentzakis will be the Cashier and responsible for all Cargo Matters, as well as for the development for new members joining. Our Association was formed in 1989 and currently represents 72 on and off line foreign carriers-airlines for passenger and cargo.

 Freight Plus carried 11 tons of cruise equipment via air to Miami, Florida
July 2011: Freight Plus has carried 11 tons of cruise equipment from a major ocean liner from Piraeus Port,Greece. This equipment was the property of the “mother” company of the ocean liners , and it was requested to ship these goods via air, for another cruise ship which was entering Miami port, Florida US. The entire operation was handled smoothly by Freight Plus staff , as we have collected cargo from Piraeus Port Authorities and transferred same day to the airport, for immediate loading to the airline.

 New GSA contract for Freight Plus S.A.
May 2011: Freight Plus S.A is proud to present its new GSA contract with Danish carrier CIMBER STERLING (former MAERSK AIR). Cimber Sterling is a low cost charter carrier, with scheduled summer flights to/ex Greek airports such as: Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Heraklion (HER) and Chania (CHQ). Cimber flies with B737 and Freight Plus S.A will be responsible for all cargo sales activities. Freight Forwarders and cargo agents can contact us for further info & rates.

 New GSA Contract for Leisure Cargo/Greece.
Sep 2010: Leisure Cargo / Germanys largest Cargo Sales and Management company having its Head Quarters in Dusseldorf, has signed an official GSSA contract with Turkish carrier – Pegasus. Pegasus is currently flying ex Athens 3x weekly directly to Izmir while the Cargo hub of the carrier is SAW (Istanbul Sabina Gokcen airport). Freight Plus S.A. who is the official GSA for Leisure Cargo in Greece will be managing all sales for Pegasus. Pegasus has currently a fleet of 35 aircrafts varying from Airbus 319-320 and B737 all types. Agents can contact us for any information relating to Pegasus destinations and rates.

 AIA’s statistics show a decrease of 5,8% on all inbound-outbound Cargo for ATH airport until July 2010.
July 2010: AIA, the official company of the Athens International Airport, has published it’s newest cargo statistics for the months of January-July 2010, showing a decrease of 5,8% relating to last year’s Cargo performance. The highest decrease of -16,7% relates to the inbound Cargo, and -21,6% on the outbound mail figures. The outbound cargo figures show much better results of -3,6%.

 New bio-pharmaceutical product for Freight Plus S.A.
July 2009: Freight Plus is proud to announce it’s new bio-pharmaceutical product for next day and same deliveries within Greece and the world, via it’s worldwide network of associate offices. This new service will cover the entire chain of logistics for the medical and clinical field in regards to pick up, documentation issuance, packing material provision, inspection, transport via air and delivery to preferred location. Freight Plus will also be able to provide dry ice replenishment plus any kind of cooling material in order to sustain the required temperature level of the commodity. Contact mail will be: and any interested party can contact our company's telephone numbers for direct assistance or a presentation of our services.

 New GSA Contract for Freight Plus S.A.
June 2009: Freight Plus S.A. is proud to announce its new GSA contract with United Arab Emirates Official Carrier , Etihad Airways (EY) .Etihad will be flying 3 x weekly from Jun 2009, 5 x weekly from October 2009 and daily as of January 2010 using an Airbus 320 bulk load. Etihad Airways is rapidly expanding its Cargo network by increasing its cargo destinations , adding ATH-Greece. Agents can contact us for any information relating to Etihad Airways destinations and rates.

 Freight Plus- member of BOD of Hellenic Association of GSA’s
May 2009: Freight Plus S.A was elected through its managing director, Mr. Yiannis Lentzakis, the treasurer and member of BOD of the Hellenic Association of Airline Representatives, a body which constitutes of companies-GSA’s related to travel and cargo services, officially representing the 70% of airlines flying in/out of Greek airports.SAAE which is the four letter code of our Association consists of local industries highest level of professionals, being also members into the Governmental plans for the increase of the country’s tourism.

 New GSA contract for Freight Plus S.A.
April 2009: Freight Plus S.A. is proud to announce its newest GSA contract with carrier Blue Air. NAS as general contractor with Blue Air for Cyprus and Greece, has appointed Freight Plus S.A. as its subcontractor for sales out of Greece. Blue Air will be connecting Thessaloniki directly with Baneasa (Bucharest) and Paphos Cyprus twice a week every Thursday and Sunday operating B737. Our overnight RFS service ex Paphos to Larnaca airport, adds an important key factor for agents-clients to ship their cargo from Northern Greece to the main airport of Cyprus. Blue Air is the second carrier who links Thessaloniki to Paphos as a direct service.

 Airlines drop their fuel surcharges
Feb 2009: Airlines continue to drop their fuel surcharges, due to the significant decrease on demand for air freight exports out of Greece. Until now these move has proven to be positive for the entire cargo community, as cargo agents are consulting exporters to move their cargo by air, since the all inclusive rate per kilo is at least 50% lower than same last year.

 AIA increase 2.7% on annual tonnage
Jan 2009: Athens International Airport Cargo Development Review shows a surprising 2.7% increase on international & domestic freight moved in-out of Athens airport for the year 2008 compared to 2007. This increase is yet another factor to prove that the infrastructure of the new airport has played a significant role in achieving positive results during these really tough times.

 Chartered Cargo Flight to Cyprus
Dec 2008: Freight Plus has successfully chartered a Boeing 737-300F Freighter aircraft from Cargo Air a Bulgarian Based Airline , fort shpt of 13 tons ex Latvia to Cyprus, which was originally planned to be trucked ex Latvia to Greece and then loaded on a weekly departure vessel from Piraeus to Limassol port of Cyprus, but due to a congestion at the port shipment had to be moved by air.

 NAS adds Lebanon to its network
Nov 2008: Freight Plus and NAS, our proud to present their second destination on their network. After the original destination of Larnaca airport NAS adds Lebanon-Beirut on its daily schedule having in mind to add at least 3 more by the end of 2009.

 Freight Plus moves two endangered species
Sep 2008: Freight Plus in cooperation with AAP – Sanctuary for Exotic Animals and Zoo Logistics, a Live Animal handling agent in Schiphol Airport-Amsterdam, has successfully transported via airfreight 2 vervet monkeys, an endangered species, from Athens-Amsterdam airport, on September. This highly delicate procedure was awarded with great success, and the airline used was KLM.

 Freight Plus – Rally Acropolis 2008 Logistics Provider
June 2008: Freight Plus has the privilege to be the appointed Logistics agent for 3 Rally Teams joining this years WRC Rally Acropolis. The company has organized the entire import, inland,customs formalities, local handling at the service park of the Rally in Lamia Greece and re-export procedures of the equipment-cars used during the Rally with great success.

 Freight Plus – Turkish Airlines cocktail to Cargo Agents
Mar 2008: Freight Plus and Turkish Airlines have organized a cocktail reception at “The Moorings” restaurant in the beautiful area of Lemos-Vouliagmeni by the boat marina, hosting an event for their Greek Cargo Agent clientele. Needless to say that this was the first occasion were Turkish Airlines has invited it’s clients since the appointment of Freight Plus as their Cargo GSSA in 2006. All of the +80 invited guests and airport officials were very satisfied by the level of services Freight Plus has offered to them during these 3 years and the night has ended by awarding top 10 agents.

 Record tonnage to Larnaca
Jan 2008: Freight Plus has moved 730,078 kgs (730 tons) to Larnaca-Cyprus on the first year of NAS operation (Mar-Dec 2007). The figure is quite high considering that the launch of our operation was on March.

 Freight Plus increases its market share
Jan 2008: Freight Plus / GSSA dept has showed a substantial 77% increase on it’s international carriers representation export statistics in weight-kgs, as for the entire year 2007 Freight Plus has moved (via its client-carriers) 2,918,189 kgs.

 Freight Plus – NAS appreciation cocktail to Cargo Agents
Oct 2007: Freight Plus and NAS, our cargo carrier client from Cyprus, has offered a reception cocktail to all of it’s Greek Cargo Agents clientele and friends at “The Margi Hotel” in Vouliagmeni. The night was proven to be a friends gathering more than a business reception, since the +80 guests were having a great time with wine & food beverages.

 Freight Plus – Rally Acropolis 2007 Logistics Provider
June 2007: Freight Plus was the exclusive logistics provider for the Rally Acropolis 2007 – Service Park for 9 National Teams , joining this organization. The company has literally “camped” for 10 days on the location of the service park at the Olympic Stadium of Athens, as the entire operation was on a 24-7 basis. Freight Plus has stationed 1 large 20 ton crane, suitable for moving the 20ft and 40ft containers and their “ fragile” cargo. All 9 teams joining the Rally were very satisfied with the level of service provided and the last minute solutions offered, to this challenging environment.

 Freight Plus – new GSSA contract
Mar 2007: Freight Plus is awarded the Cargo GSSA contract for NAS Ltd, a cargo operation from Athens-Larnaca on a dally basis using a Boeing 737-300F Freighter aircraft leased from TNT Aviation. The aircraft has the capacity of loading +15 tons of cargo per day.

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